Fellow Pod-People!

I’ve made a few audio promos up for The Write Stuff, current book bundle at Storybundle. The bundle runs for about another eleven days, and if you or your audience is interested in the craft and business of writing, this is a must have, because…well, look what’s in it:

The Write Stuff

So, if you have a podcast, or know a podcaster, please run this. It isn’t often you can get upwards of $100 worth of writing books for $15, and especially when each of the authors is a high-level expert in the exact subject of the book she or he has written for this bundle (for example, this is why my book on audiobooks is here, but why I did not write a book on craft. I am a puppy next to some of the great wolves in this bundle whose books concentrate on craft).

Here are the promos, for your listening and propagating pleasure.

Promo one (male voice, 58 secs)
Promo two (female voice, 80 secs)
Promo two (male voice, 74 secs)

Thanks to kickass composer Danny Schade for permission to use his track Gravity from the Crudrat soundtrack.


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