Well, my new podcast about using NaNoWriMo to go pro is off and running over at NaNoWriMoEveryMonth.com.

It’s also now available on iTunes. The feed links are in the right sidebar–or you can just grab them here:

Currently, it’s running every day, and will continue to run every day, through about the third or fourth of December—and there will be some bonus episodes along the way. When I get to the end, I may discover more topics worth having a go at, and if I do, I’ll add more at that point.

Anway, if you’re doing NaNo, or thinking about it, or just wondering how you can get yourself up to the point where you’re writing every day–or if you want to know about how I do what I do–come on over and have a listen. Each episode runs 3-5 minutes, and I have loads of fun doing them.

In the meantime, remember, you’ve only got two weeks left to get the world’s coolest mystery bundle. 10 top shelf mysteries for one low price, with a full range of voices and talents from the relative newcomers (like me) to people who helped define the genre (like Lawrence Block). If you like dark chewy stories that’ll twist you up in knots, this is the one for you. Get it now at Storybundle.com!

More cool news coming soon!

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