Blogging Antithesis: Day 1

I wasn’t supposed to start work on Antithesis book 3 until I finished Suave Rob 3, but as I sat down to write this afternoon I found that recent events had pushed me into a distinctly Joss-Kyle-ish headspace.

So, after fighting with things for a little while, I decided to roll with it, and I opened up my document full of notes and half-scenes, and read through a bit.

I’ve written the beginning of this book eight times now, only to discover, each time, that it wasn’t the beginning I was writing. One of them was the opener to book four. One was the closing scene of book 3. Others are all key scenes that will appear throughout book three.

The opening, though, kept eluding me, until, as I was reading through, I realized that I’d been forgetting a major part of the universe this whole time. A piece that I had sitting off to the side that needed to come into play.

Wound up being a short scene, but it feels like the right opening for the book–and, I got enough of it done that I might just be able to jump back to Suave Rob 3 tomorrow. We’ll see.

Opening word count today: 11494
Closing word count today: 12247