Gorgeous day out there today. Low, low tide exposed a lot of continental shale. Trixie had a blast–the ball bounces every-which-way, keeps her very excited about the chase.

When you’ve got a dog with this kind of high energy, you gotta keep them exercised or they tend to eat the furniture (at least, according to the manuals–she’s never done that, and my sofas are forever grateful).

First Shift
First shift involved a lot of admin. Took about an hour to knock my inbox back down to 5,000 messages (I’m terrible about sorting them until the client starts to lag), then I spent the balance of the shift proofreading the new book and getting it ready for release.

Second Shift
Had a short second shift, since it was my turn to cook dinner, but I got about 900 words knocked out on Book 3. Also spent some time scrambling–well, coming to terms with scrapping my plan for the whole book. Turns out that the characters have other plans. It’s gonna make for a better book, but oh, man, is it a pain. Letting go of the glorious plan–guess it goes to show you that outlines are there to be broken. I got exactly six chapters in before this one blew up. I strongly suspect this is the last novel I’ll ever write with an outline in play–the further I get into this job, the less good they do me.

Third Shift
Lots more admin on the third shift. Board meetings (we have to have those now that we’re spinning up the corporation), tax compliance stuff (fun time of the year for that), and ebook authoring.

The new book is the first of my new nonfiction series The Every Day Novelist, which is growing out of my daily podcast NaNoWriMo Every Month!. Should be available on all the usual platforms in a few days, and the paperback will be out soon after.

Fourth Shift
I settled down about two in the morning to work on Book 3. I put on the Steelgrave arc of Wiseguy, and reconciled myself to letting the book do what it wants. Today was more time with Senator Sam Solin, and then I got halfway through a new chapter with Ali.

Starting word count for writing: 18,952
Final word count for the day: 20,883

20,883 / 120000 words


  1. Dan,
    I have enjoyed reading your the first four books of the The Clarke Lantham Mysteries and would really like to read the last two He Ain’t Heavy and In The Cloud. However they are only available in Epub format. The on line reader is my only option for my current location.
    I emailed Smashwords and got the following response:
    “Thanks for writing in. If the author uploaded a Smashwords Direct EPUB, it is *only* available as an EPUB. No conversions are made, and it is not available to be read on the Online Reader” I hope you can fix this as I find the series very entertaining and you cause me to Laugh out loud frequently. My co-workers are beginning to think I enjoy my work.

    Marcello D'Amico
    1. Hello Marcello —
      Glad to hear you’re enjoying them so much!
      I’ll get some other versions uploaded pot haste–I’ve added it to my list for tonight’s to-dos.


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