Sundays are normally the downtime-day in the Sawyer house. We have a regular lunch with a bevy of other local writers, where the introverts in the group get their social time in and we all gab about publishing, craft, and the various antics the townsfolk have gotten up to recently.

After that, Kitty and I usually make hot-stone neopolitan-style pizza for dinner (at least, we do as long as I remember to wake up the sourdough starter and make up a batch of dough at a reasonable hour) and settle down for some movies, or to catch up on one of the various serial shows that we’re currently obsessed with, and entertain the dog until she plops down in front of the fireplace to sleep.

Today, on top of all that, I had some auto repairs to do–and then, to celebrate, we took the sports car out to shoot some canyons with Trixie in tow. It’s a bit of a trick fitting a full-sized, high-energy dog into a convertible with two adult humans, but the weather was gorgeous and the car needed a shakedown, and we need to start getting Trixie used to car travel again. Driving season is coming, and she’s a few months out of practice on being a good passenger.

After a glorious thirty mile drive on some of Lincoln County’s most gorgeous driving roads (seriously, anytime I go out in the convertible here it’s like I’ve died and gone to driving heaven), we came back for pizza and birthday festivities with an old friend–which left me pretty wiped out.

I seriously considered giving the writing a miss today, but sometime during the crust-tossing process, I got a flash of insight on how to make the Joss and Ali story really sing, so I trudged upstairs to the office at four in the morning and started noodling around.

After a few false starts, I finaly got my teeth into the story, and bounced back and forth between writing new words and reviewing sections of book 2 for continuity checks. Wound up coming in slightly under a thousand words, but they’re definitely keepers, and for a day when I wasn’t going to write at all, I call that a win.

So, here’s the damage.
Starting word count: 29,011
Ending word count: 29,991

29,991 / 120000 words