Ah, tax season, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Actually, that’s only half-jesting. There was a time when I not only couldn’t stand math, I looked on taxes with the kind of pallid terror that most people reserve for venomous snakes (I have personally never had much problem with snakes. They’re fascinating creatures, and they only bite if you scare them). Now, all this number crunching satisfies some sort of primal urge for order. It feels rather like a good game of chess.

Anyway, that ate up the bulk of my day, so I still only got one shift of writing in. On the upside, it was a good solid shift, leaving me with upwards of 2700 new words and some very good progress on the story.

Starting word count: 31309
Ending word count: 34,070

34,070 / 120000 words