Another long day today, and a very good day.

Spring cleaning dominated the morning and afternoon. A severe winter that kept the house locked up meant that a lot more dust and grime built up in the quiet corners than usual, so that took a bit of elbow grease and patience. The Puppy of Doom did what she could to help, and didn’t seem to believe me when I told her there was no interesting food in the window frames and there weren’t any treats for her on the bottom of the inside of the oven.

She, being an eternal optimist, continued trying to double-check my apparently unbelievable claims anyway, until I finally told her to go watch TV. Since she can’t operate the remote, she had to settle for looking at the blank TV screen with an air of great tolerance and forbearance.

So, cleaning took first shift. There’ll be more next weekend, I suspect. Maybe sooner. Now that there’s a clean spot in the house, the rest of the place is going to need a bit of a scrubdown. Looking at it, I feel a bit like Ripley washing Newt’s face in Aliens

Third shift got split between recording new Nanocast episodes (made it about a third of the way through the block before my voice went out) and working on The Book In Question. I dropped another hour on reading back over scenes in another storyline that I’m picking up, made about a page worth of notes, and only got three sentences of new fiction written–but it means there’s a scene solidly started, and I figured I’d pick it up in late fourth shift.

Fourth shift started with a fantastic networking and brainstorming session with some other writers up the road, and I got so keyed up from it that I just about popped a migraine, but the application of some emergency tea helped avert the problem.

However, it did wear me out flat, so after unsuccessfully attempting to write coherently through a lot of yawning, I gave up, watched the new episode of Blacklist (which is a fantastic show and will probably appeal to you if you dig Antithesis).

It was a good choice. It was a singularly excellent piece of storytelling.

Now, I’m off to bed. Tomorrow there’s a little more networking, brainstorming, and client work in the air, and then two shifts of writing unless I get terribly side tracked. The book is starting to scare me again, after two days away, so I’ve gotta start kicking its ass again before it gets the better of me.