Oi. Well, May is shaping up to be kind of a shit show. Personal crap is keeping me away from the keyboard most of the time, which is making me go stir crazy. Add to that a lot of client work (which does pay the rent, so I can’t complain much) and illnesses going around the house, and I’ve gone to bed most nights wondering whether I’m just a lazy writer.

Well, I am a lazy writer, but I wonder if I’m lazier than I gave myself credit for.

The net result was that over week and a half starting at my last blog entry, I got a grand total of 820 new words done, in a single writing shift on the thirteenth.

Then, two nights ago I got fed up with myself and got back to it. I knocked out that chapter that was killing me (finally) with a proper three-thousand word evening…
…only to lose about half of that work in a vicious conspiracy between the gods of computer crashing and the gods of autosave (who were evidently out having drinks when the computer crashing gods came around).

So, last night I looked at the manuscript, despaired, and went to the recording booth to do more client work.

Today was different.
Today I spent the bulk of the day working on the next block of Nanocast episodes which will post starting tomorrow. Then I went to bed for a nap that wound up being rather longer than I expected, then I returned to the keyboard and broke through the mental block, recapturing that lost scene and drawing even with my previous progress.

Not a lot of words, but it’s something. Gross gain of 1500, net gain of 820 due to cutting out notes on the manuscript and other misselany.

Here’s the current state of play:

48,153 / 120000 words

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