For those of you following the Nanocast, the Blogging Antithesis Series, and who have been suffering long for the want of the Free Will podcast, a quick update:

I had an opportunity to do a YA adventure novel for a big event coming up, but I had a very thin timeline on which to do it, so I had to drop everything. I got to working on it around the 20th of last month, and am going to be finishing it up today or tomorrow.

This YA is called Hadrian’s Flight, and it’a a new book for the Antithesis universe. It begins during Predestination and bridges events well into book 3. When the chance to write this book dropped in my lap, I decided to use it to work out what’s going on in other parts of the story universe, so that I know what I’m dealing with in Book 3. Should speed up progress on that front, because I won’t have to stop so often and draw things out on the whiteboard.

There’s been a lot else going on, too. Wild adventures fortunately drawing to a close. There will be a lot more detail about all of that in this week’s Free Will podcast (to drop Friday)–it’s not up-to-the-minute, as I recorded the aftershow a few weeks back, and much more has happened since then, but I’ll finish the story in the episode after that.

I start recording the next block of NaNoCast tomorrow night. New episodes will start dropping on Monday. I’m a bit thin on questions, so if you’ve got some, now’s the time to send ’em in. Currently I’ve got enough for a little over two weeks of material–would love to do a solid month or more’s worth of recording, so don’t be shy!

Be seeing you soon!