The next adventure in the Antithesis/Mannix/Kabrakan universe is here! Hadrian’s Flight brings you a different slant on the universe. A Young Adult adventure in the tradition of the Heinlein Juveniles, this tale of high adventure shows you the war through the eyes of pair of teenagers who find themselves caught up in universe-shaping events, trying desperately to survive the forces unleashed around them.

Hadrian Jin. Skyguard. Refugee.
Twelve times a day, this sixteen-year-old proprietor of Luna City’s best orn-suit shop fits the wings, and jumps out into the open air to soar with the grace of an eagle. For forty dollars an hour, he can teach any groundhog how to fly bird-fashion in the moon’s low gravity.
But when the tramp of military boots on the road to his home forces him to flee, he finds himself adrift between planets, on the run from government agents, without hope of home. Out of his depth and thrust into danger for which he’s ill-prepared, Hadrian must learn the true reason for his exile, and finally spread his own wings…
…before war comes crashing down around him.

I’m very proud of this one. Hadrian’s Flight is a book I’ve wanted to write for years, and found that, finally, I had to write it in order to set up events in Antithesis Book 3 in my own mind. The result is a Young Adult adventure filled to bursting with intrigue, romance, danger, and high-flying derring-do during the most dangerous period in the history of the solar system. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one.

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