Well, here we are, at the end of the year, and all things, good and bad, do close out at the end. Some of them, like the calendar, roll over and renew. Others will be gone forever. Some of those things we might bid “good riddance,” but some of them…well, that they’re coming to an end is a crying shame.

The current StoryBundle I’m in is one of those. The NaNoWriMo Writing Tools bundle, curated by Kevin J. Anderson (who, having a couple hundred books under his belt and having mentored a few hundred writers over the years, knows what the hell he’s doing when he puts together a writing tools bundle).

For the next few hours, you can still name your own price on a full-range toolkit that includes books on…

This is a business-heavy bundle, no two ways about it. 2016 is the year that writers who came into the scene post-revolution really started to grasp the importance of understanding business. I’ve seen it on my podcast, Joanna Penn has seen it on hers–it’s in the air. Kevin knows this, and so he’s brought in writers working from a bunch of different angles, talking about everything from the god’s-eye view of the interaction between business and creativity (Bob Mayer, ML Buchman, Dean Wesley Smith, me) to the nitty-gritty of professionalism, negotiation, networking, and conventions (Mike Resnick, Jodi Lynn Nye, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Jude Wilhoff).

All this talk of business, though, can get you bogged down, so Kevin has included some fantastic books by Pam McCutcheon and Michael Waite and James A. Owen that are dedicated solely to starting and re-starting your creative engines even when the rest of the world is getting you down.

But you can’t do a writing bundle, especially a pro-tools bundle, wihtout at least one advanced book on technique, and this bundle delivers that, too, with a book by Eric Maisel on one of the trickiest and most essential areas of technique: Setting. Essential reading, this one.

Extra Tools
And, to top it all off, you get a coupon for 50% off the ebook mastering program Jutoh, and another for 80% off a membership to the Writer’s Cafe social network.

This is a bundle I’ve been proud to be a part of, and I’m going to be sorry to see it go. If you’re a writer, or there’s a writer in your life, now’s the time to snag it for yourself or as a Christmas or Hanukkah or Solstice or New Year’s gift, before it slips away into the twilight of the dying year. Go now, while you still have a chance!

NaNoWriMo bundle