2016 isn’t the only thing winding up this week. This week officially marks the end of two other big events here at my secret headquarters on the Oregon Coast.

Firstly, we are now in the final days of the NaNoWriMo Writing Tools bundle. If you’re a writer (or know a writer), this is a bundle you don’t want to miss. From creativity to business to research to cover every stage of the writing and publishing process, and from major industry voices who know what they’re talking about. On top of that, you getbonuses giving you access to Writer’s Cafe and a hefty discount on the ebook authoring suite Jutoh.

My contribution? Business 101 from my new The Every Day Novelist series, which is all about navigating the mental transition from employee to businessperson–this transition is one of the trickiest, and least appreciated, wrinkles in the writing life, and it’s one that sinks a lot of writers. Don’t let it catch you out as well!

NaNoWriMo bundle

Whether you’re getting it for yourself, or as a gift, you’ve only got three days to scoop it up before it’s gone forever, so grab it now! 🙂

Second, and with longer-term consequences, my coastal exile is drawing to a close. Strategic goals at AWP have converged in such a fashion as to make an itinerant life desirable–this is a fancy way of saying “We’ve got a documentary to make next year so we need to travel a lot, and it’s cheaper if we’re not tied down to our beach cottage.” The next few days will be the last coast days I see for a while.

Well, a little while.

This documentary, meanwhile, will take us hither and yon across the country, recording all manner of interviews in all manner of places–which’ll mean opportunities to meet up for other reasons too. More details shall emerge in January–watch this space.

Finally, this is not my final communique for the year. My traditional New Year’s post is coming in a little over a week–and, believe it or not, it won’t be a downer. We are well into the “uncomfortable” era I’ve been predicting for a while now, but the positive long-term trends I’ve been highlighting are still there and gathering steam (oh boy how they’re gathering steam!).

I’ll also be back in a day or two to give you an update on what’s going on with The Kabrakan Ascendency.

Until then, I leave you with a winter sunset over the beach–call it a farewell to my favorite stomping ground.

Farewell to the coast