I’ve been silent here for far too long, because I’ve been working my ass off elsewhere, but some of you kindly souls actually come by my blog and subscribe to alerts, and since the blog series I’ve got planned for later this year won’t start until…well, later this year, I figure a few updates are in order.

You may have divined that I’ve been living on the road for a few years due to family emergencies. This extended trek has cut into a lot of the things I would rather be doing (and that you’d rather me be doing) such as fiction podcasting, maintaining an active presence and delivering regular stories and essays to your waiting eyes and ears.

Well, that long exile is over. I and my minions are now in the process of setting up camp at Ship Fire Ranch, our new patch of dirt upon which we will build the Writer’s and Podcaster’s Paradise!!!! (or at least, you know, a cabin and a garden). We’re currently looking down the barrel at our first winter in a snowy climate, without grid power, and without a proper cabin yet. It’s gonna be an adventure, and I’m going to bring you along (especially those of you on the mailing list–be sure to sign up!).

It also means the books and podcasts are starting to flow again.


My more-or-less daily forays into creativity and craft are still going strong over at The Every Day Novelist, but if you’re reading this, we know that the update you’re waiting for is about the fiction podcast.

It’s closer than it’s ever been. I’ve got a couple casting issues that I’m trying to think my way around, and this winter without grid power is going to present some challenges, but I anticipate rolling out new episodes by spring.

Books and Publishing

I’ve now got ten books stacked up, and will have two more by year’s end, that are at some stage in the publication process. They are now starting to see the light of day. The next novel release is coming in November (the same month you’ll be able to listen along with me and some friends as we once again tackle NaNoWriMo), and the next nonfiction release is Kickstarting right now!

That’s right! I’ve got a new Kickstarter going!

We’re halfway through the campaign, the momentum is incredible. We wanted to hit $1k, we’re now over $5k and in danger of hitting some truly lofty stretch goals.

If you like the way I think through problems, you’ll love the mystery story involved with my attempts to unlock the secrets to writing great, memorable YA books and how that ties deep into the roots of Science Fiction.

It’s already generating buzz among award-winning authors and up-and-comers. Join the journey, and get a bunch of extra bonus gifts that are only available behind-the-scenes to backers. I’d love to have you on board. Find out everything at http://www.heinleinsecrets.org

More again soon. So much going on. Can’t wait to tell you all about it!