Glittering in the Darkness

I took a couple hours out of my mad scramble to keep up with revisions on Predestination to sit and watch through my dearest Christmas gift. Somebody got me Blade Runner: The Final Cut. This is supposed to be my professional blog, not so much a place for me to …

Sculpting God Episode 4: Control Room

What if somewhere in the universe there was a room, and in that room was a creature, surrounded by screens and dials and controls. In his room, he sees all, knows all, manages all. He directs the thoughts and actions of every being in the cosmos. Would such a creature be God? And what would […]

The Reason Driven Podcast

Are we created for God’s pleasure, or is he created for ours? That’s the question I tackle in this week’s “The Reason-Driven Podcast,” a series of thought meditations based around Robert M. Price’s The Reason-Driven Life, an excellent rejoinder to Rick Warren’s “The Purpose-Driven Life.” So, come on over, take …

Linux+ Article: Blender and The Essential Blender

In this quarter’s Linux+ magazine, tucked between the shiny slick pages, is a little article that should tickle your fancy. Your humble narrator has written an excoriable piece about the loveliness that is Blender, and the book that tells you all about it, “The Essential Blender.” Take a look, enjoy …

Linux Tech Talk Show

Your humble narrator appears on today’s Linux Tech Talk Show talking Linux, Science Fiction, and Podcasting. Check it out–or download the show directly!

Episode 3: Train Time

This week, we take you to the mountains of Northern Italy at the dawn of the 22nd century for the story a woman, a man, his walking stick, and a train that never seems to come in. Join me for Train Time.

So you want to be a sound engineer?

Or a podcaster? Or just a bloke with a really sexy sound box? Well, look no further, my friends! Your humble narrator has told all in his new article. This month’s LinuxJournal contains all you need to know about creating a field recorder for podcasting, multitrack event recording, and generally …

Corrupting the minds of the young

This week, your humble narrator guests on the Curious Minds podcast, talking about epistemology, worldviews, and curiosity for the benefit of younger listeners. It’s a pretty good show. The host, Josh Gough, is an articulate fellow and asks great questions, and it’s definitely worth a listen. Check it out here.

Distort the perceptions of others!!!

Welcome, my erstwhile disciples, and gather around for the newest exercise in computing obscenity. You see, LinuxJournal has just released another article of mine, and this time I actually lie. Yes, lie through the whole thing. It’s not so much that the information is not accurate – it is. Exceedingly …