That’s right, my little droogies, the time has come once again to partake of the LinuxJournal kool-aid! This month, your humble narrator has two articles on offer – one talking about the deepest needs of desktop users, and the other reviewing, in depth, the current crop of multitrack video editors for Linux. May subversion and decadence pursue you as you thumb through this slick-finished magazine with the gratuitously green cover!
LinuxJournal issue 167
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  1. Hi Dan!

    I just skimmed through your article for Desktop Stuff. Usually, I am not following up on print articles, but because you were so very positive on Evolution. I simply had to write something …

    Did you ever use Evolution for more then a day? Did you use it with Exchange Plugin, ie, getting your Email from an Exchange Server?

    I used all of the desktop emails apps (Thunderbird, Evo, Kontact, Chandeler, Spicebird, etc) and find that Kontact is the best. It very fast. Integrates well, cool functionality, nice interface etc. The second best is outlook. However, I am forced to use Evolution for 2-3 month (I migrated away from Windows on my corp laptop)and am using evolution, as there is one calendar bug within korganizer preventing me of moving to kontact.

    Evolution is very buggy and prone to frequent crashing (download email from Exchange to the inbox will invoke the “auto crash” feature) when using the Exchange Plugin. Its not multitasking able – open a calendar and try doing emails – it has formatting errors and above all is so very slow on a high end machine, that tears come to my eyes …

    I installed Outlook via Wine and will probably move there again, if the korganizer bug – linking to exchange – is not resolved. 3 Month with Evolution is tough.

    You know for all applications people can have different opinions, but seriously recommending Evolution is really tough, as its really a half ready app and should not have past beta stage.


    Axel WInter
  2. Axel –

    Thanks for the comment. I have indeed used Evolution extensively for the last couple years now, and concurrently used Kmail and Kontact for one of those years and for two years before that. On the whole I’ve reluctantly retired kmail/kontact because of poorer integration and slower/more crash pron e performance on my machines. Giving it up actually irritated me, because, on the whole, I far prefer KDE apps to Gnome apps, but it didn’t fit well with my workflow here.

    However, I have not used it with an Exchange server. WebDAV calendar synching works pretty well for my little studio, I’ve not had the opportunity or much of a need to deal much with Exchange.

    Thanks very much for the comment – and for the info about exchange servers.I’ll make it a point to check that out and, if my experience matches, I’ll submit an errata to LJ.
    -Dan Sawyer

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