Link Salad, Dec. 3, 2010

Time for your vegetables again. Here’s some of the fun stuff that’s flitted across my desk in the last few weeks. Crazy Silly Creative Things To start off with our garnish, you could do no better than watching this 3 minute video about what Welshmen really do with sheep. Don’t …

The Deadly Hunter

The friends I stayed with in Portland had a cat who knew her business. She was a bona-fide, go-get-um, get-in-my-way-and-you’re-dead mouse hunter. Fortunately,* I caught her in the act:

The illness has been beaten!

Well, I’m back. Voice functioning, body seems to be healthy again finally. Here’s what this means for you all, my loyal readers: I’m going to fix and drop Episode 13 of Antithesis tomorrow, probably late, assuming the congestion clears. I’ll start blogging again, with reports from SteamCon and some other …

Of Pub Crawls, Publishers, Short Films, and Short Cons

This weekend kept me busy – posting the latest Antithesis episode, hitting the pub with Chris Lester and Seth Harwood, and hitting Silicon in San Jose.