Falling Down

As I sat in this chair this morning prepping the next round of episodes for Down From Ten after a longer-than-intended Christmas hiatus, I got the news that Tee Morris’s wife died yesterday, leaving Tee and his five-year-old daughter, affectionately known as Sonic Boom, behind. You that listen here regularly …

Down From Ten, ep 16

Download Subscribe And now, Episode 16, in which Katy teaches a class, Amos has a fan club, and Gerd gets a sore throat. Story So far by Mur Lafferty of more things than I can ever hope to name. Enjoy!

Double Dip Bookmarks

The first Triple Threat Contest is now upon us. Your Mission: 1: Download and print these bookmarks. 2: Cut along the dotted lines. 3: Take to your local libraries and bookstores. 4: Leaving a stack near the checkout gets you one point. Put a bunch inside books by Robert A. …

Down From Ten, Ep 15

Download Subscribe And now, Episode 15, in which Jeremiah gets snowed, Edelle gets curious, and Amos reveals the truth. Story So far by Jennifer Hudock of Polyamory Weekly Episode 16 coming this weekend – I hope.

DF10 Launchcast, ep 03

Download Subscribe Part three of three of the live call-in show that launched Down From Ten — this one plays almost like a Reprobates Hour episode on the history of the podcast novel. A change of pace from the previous episodes, and a very interesting one.

DF10 Launchcast, ep 01

Download Subscribe Part one of the live call-in show we did for the launch of Down From Ten, in which Tee Morris impersonates John Woo, Chris Lester gets flogged live on mic, we learn the story of Philippa Ballantine’s questionable ancestry, and we take a number of saucy calls from …

Down From Ten, ep 14

Download Subscribe And now, Episode 14, in which Jeremiah notices, Sarah remembers, and Gerd does some heavy lifting. Story So far by Cunning Minx of Polyamory Weekly Episode 15 coming this weekend.

Down From Ten, ep 13

Download Subscribe And now, Episode 13, in which Gerd makes a discovery, Katy makes a point, and Amos reveals a dark secret. Bumper by Brian D. Clay, author of The Kingdom Crisis. Episode 14 coming sometime in the next 5 days

Down From Ten, ep 12

Download Subscribe And now, Episode 12, in which Amos has a nightmare, Jeremiah has fridge issues, and Sarah sings a song. Story So Far by Helen E. H. Madden of Heat Flash Erotica. No aftershow this week — but lots of news next time. Episode 13 coming next weekend.

Down From Ten, ep 11

Download Subscribe And now, Episode 11, in which Sarah puts her foot down, Amos has a secret, and the shadows have an agenda. Bumper by Chooch and Viv of Into The Blender. Story So Far by Rhonda Carpenter of Podioracket and Mark of a Druid. Episode 12 coming next weekend.