As I sat in this chair this morning prepping the next round of episodes for Down From Ten after a longer-than-intended Christmas hiatus, I got the news that Tee Morris’s wife died yesterday, leaving Tee and his five-year-old daughter, affectionately known as Sonic Boom, behind.

You that listen here regularly know Tee from his starring role as Amos in Down From Ten, or perhaps you heard his voice as Marian’s boss in Predestination or from the Predestination exit interview, but the story of Tee Morris is quite a bit more colorful. Tee invented podcast fiction, co-founded, and is thus created the industry which launched the careers of myself, Chris Lester, Philippa Ballantine, Nathan Lowell, Scott Sigler, Christiana Ellis, Mur Lafferty, Nobilis Reed, and many others. He’s also directly helped many of us, and many others, with encouragement, advice, and lending his voice to our worlds. He’s also become a good friend to many of us, apart from a professional association.

Odd as it sounds, there are three things in this modern world that are more expensive than any other – being born, dying, and death. Natalie Morris’s death was sudden and unexpected, but it has left Tee with a raft of expenses he must meet immediately, and this as an unexpectedly single parent. Because of this, I have a special request for you – if you were planning on sending me a tip in the next week or three, send it to Tee instead.

Below you’ll find a widget for the chip-in account that Philippa Ballantine has started to help get Tee and Sonic Boom through the crisis time to calmer waters. Please click on it and toss a couple bucks in if at all you can.


  1. When my mom died in ’95 leaving me with the guardianship of my teenage brothers, I was amazed at how the community at my school (George Fox College) and the town came together to support us.

    I am always saddened to hear about loss but this hits a little more close to home. Unfortunately my current finances are stretched but I sent in what little I could, remembering all to well how fast it adds up.

    It lightens my heart a little to see how fast the total has grown in the few short hours since I did that. I am so glad to see the community respond so.

    There just really are no words.

  2. Amber –

    A Geroge Fox Alum? I started attending in ’95. Small world!
    Thanks for posting a bit of your story

    Odin, Helen – thanks for coming by and taking the time to leave comments. Fingers crossed for Tee and SB


  3. Dan,

    Ah yes I knew Kitty went there didn’t realize you did as well. I’m a friend of Steena’s as well which is how I found the wonderful world of podio books.

  4. Dan,

    Ah yes I knew Kitty went there didn’t realize you did as well. I’m a friend of Steena’s too which is how I found the wonderful world of podio books.

  5. This was really unexpected and sad, even if I don’t know Tee, I know his work through what I’ve got from and various appearances in shows.

    The utter callousness of the world we live in show itself when one cannot be left to grieve a lost loved one, but has to attend to financial matters.

    Thanks for setting this up, I hope it helps lighten the burden of some aspect of it all…

    Yngve Sjølset

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