Happy New Year, everyone!
I’m back in the game with a new book, and several more scheduled right after this (I’ve been writing a LOT over the last year. You can see the current release schedule here). This first book takes place in the Antithesis Universe, about a hundred years after the events in Free Will, and gives you a small window into the future of that world (it is not, however, part of the series, so it won’t spoil you for Antithesis, nor does it feature the same characters).

“…a gut-twisting adventure I couldn’t put down.”–Nathan Lowell, author of Owner’s Share

She has everything to die for…

The Milky Way. Sixty thousand light years across. A hundred billion planets to explore. Most of them out of reach, even of the Mannix-Alcubierre Warp Drive. In 2235, Earth’s few well-worn neighbors brim with colonists and terraformers. Humanity now faces the final limits of its growth.

When Chan Xiyi Aya’s dream of life beyond the rim lands her in hot water with the Foundation who employs her, she gets her shot at the job she’s aching for: chronicling the history of a planet she’d kill to protect, three hundred light years beyond the rim of human space.

The catch?
Only the dead can go.

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Now available in paperback, or as an ebook from Smashwords, Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble.


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