If You Build It, Will They Come?

Free content – particularly in the audio fiction space – suddenly seems a lot less of a perpetual free lunch than it did six months ago, and it’s got a lot of folks freaking out in my corner of the Internet. Providers are dropping like flies this year! Matthew Wayne… Continue reading

Falling For A Ruse?

Are the New Atheists Bad for Science? By J. Daniel Sawyer In an article on Beliefnet this week, Michael Ruse argues that the “new atheists” are a “bloody disaster.” He argues using a mixture of caricatures, complaints, and criticisms, so before I go into why I think the man is… Continue reading

Updates, general and specific

I’m stopping in to give you all a quick digest on my recent activities, which have been many, prolific, and at hopefully somewhat scandalous. First, the appearances. You can find me on recent episodes of Podioracket, The Dead Robots Society, and doing voice work as the German Army in Philippa… Continue reading

Site Updates

I’ve updated the Media Appearances and Publications pages, for those of you who want to be current on what I’ve been up to besides my podcasts and blogging. Continue reading

The Year that Almost Wouldn’t Die

Some highlights and lowlights of 2008 This year, particularly the second half, has seen a lot of people turn very pessimistic about, well, everything. Yeah, the economy’s slowing down. Yeah, people like me are scrambling just to make ends meet – when money goes slow everywhere, it hits the arts… Continue reading

Articles In The Wild!

I’ve been a bit delinquent about updating the publications page, but I’ve just caught it up. New articles from yours truly recently released into the wild include a review of the HP MediaVault Pro in the current issue of LinuxJournal, and a review of Xara Xtreme in last month’s issue. Continue reading

Two for One LinuxJournal

When the days are long, and the heat is oppressive, and the construction site next door is pouring the smelliest damn asphalt you’ve ever smelt, and you’re starting to get cramps from the stress…well, you know it’s that time of the month. The time of the month when only one… Continue reading

Official Doctorow

Well, it’s official. I interviewed Cory Doctorow for a LinuxJournal earlier this week, and just got done transcribing the interview. He’s not the fastest mouth in the west, but man does he talk fast. At the end of the transcription I clocked his word-rate, subtracting out the gaps where I… Continue reading

Isn’t it technically a speedball? Or a pair of them?

When you mix cocaine and heroin, you get a concoction that was once upon a time called a “speedball.” Two highly euphoric drugs married together to marinate your synapses in life-destroying pleasure — what could be better? Well, how about two consecutive months of two articles per month in LinuxJournal?… Continue reading

Another Double Header!

That’s right, ladies, germs, and droogies of all persuasions, it’s time for another double-article spectacular in this month’s LinuxJournal. This month, I take on the eternal question facing all podcasters: “What VOIP program is right for me?” Needless to say, I am shamelessly opinionated on the topic. For an encore,… Continue reading