The Balticon Adventure pt 2

Air Trek I’ve often suspected that “JetBlue” is so named because of the color your legs turn in coach. Turns out that, like so many other things in the universe, I was completely wrong. They had more leg room than I’ve experienced on any flight in years – so much… Continue reading

The Balticon Adventure pt 1

The Trek As a die-hard Monopoly fan I found the notion of Balticon rather tawdry. Baltic Ave is one of the two smallest, cheapest properties on the board – of course, wielded well, that little dark purple property set can leverage the whole game. Any con named after Baltic must… Continue reading

Balticon, Here I Come

I’m going to be at Balticon next week. Those of you attending will probably see enough of me to make you sick, but such is the cross you must bear for attending science fiction conventions. For the truly masochistic among you, you can find me in the following places: 10pm… Continue reading

Parsec Nominees Pub Crawl

It’s that time again — the time when we all meet up at a bar and act in a publicly embarrassing manner for no other reason than it’s fun! This time, Rick Stringer of Variant Frequencies is in town. He will be joining Scott Sigler, Seth Harwood, Chris Lester and… Continue reading