Apologia, the semi-weekly Mclachlan Group-style ethics and philosophy roundtable that I participate in, returns today with two episodes recorded over the last month. The first is a lively discussion between the secular folks in the group about the ethics of love, sex, and marriage. We cover polyamory, bestiality, incest, divorce, positive sexuality, homosexuality, abstinence, relational obligations and ethics, and probably a few other things I don’t quite remember.

Have a listen here:

The second is a departure from the usual format. The theists at the roundtable decided to play a game called “Stump the Atheists.” Essentially, us on the secular side of the table stood for the firing squad while the believers asked probing questions, trying to find the cracks in our worldviews and philosophies. You can listen to that one here.

If you want to interact with us on the panel, please post feedback to the Apologia blog.

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  1. I liked both episodes.

    However, they were not easy to listen to. Especially the first one. I think it was you, Dan, who I couldn’t hear most of the time. Your audio was low and choppy. And then in the second podcast (stump an atheist) various people’s audio would raise and lower.

    I could hear most of what was said, but in a show like this where every nuanced word matters… it can be rough to follow an arguement when you miss words here and there. And even worse if you miss whole sentences.

    Adam McCoy

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