On Halloween Weekend, October 29th to be exact, a new series debuts at Amazon.com and in the other major ebook markets.

A man of infinite social grace he isn’t, but what former disgraced Oakland Police Detective Clarke Lantham lacks in high culture he makes up for with his ability to slip into any role he needs to to get the job done (which is probably why he got fired in the first place).

Fortunately, the world needs private detectives. Unfortunately for Lantham, on this particular Friday morning, “the world” consists of a fretful mother with a missing daughter, and the case she hires him for is about send reality staggering into the gutter like an eighty-year-old drunk.

From the posh shadow of Mount Diablo to the kink clubs of San Francisco to the genetic engineering labs of Stanford, Clarke Lantham chases down pieces of the weirdest puzzle he’s ever seen, all for the sake of a nineteen-year-old girl whose face he can’t stop seeing every time he closes his eyes.

And Then She Was Gone is the first of the Clarke Lantham Mysteries, hard-boiled detective fiction with a hard comic edge, the series consists of a planned three self-contained novels and a number of short stories, though I enjoy writing this character so much I would not be surprised if it grew. This is a market experiment–how well can a relative unknown do in the suddenly wide-open ebook marketplace? We shall see. If nothing else, this experiment has yielded one result already: a book which will give you your month’s RDA of adrenaline while making you chuckle maniacally.

I hope you join me on October 29, 2010 for the all-markets rush. More details coming soon!


    1. If you don’t have an e-reader, the place to go is Smashwords, which allows you to download all formats, including PDF and HTML. Otherwise, Amazon and B&N offer PC and Mac client software as well as being easy-purchase on the Nook and Kindle respectively.

      Hope you enjoy!


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