I hate bad news–I actually hate giving it more than I hate receiving it. Unfortunately, in this case, I’ve received some bad news that means I have to give some bad news.

Now that I’ve done all the official withdrawal, I have to actually tell all of you: It was (very publicly) in my plans to make the cross-continental trek with She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named to Balticon this coming Memorial Day. This week I got a bit of news that means it won’t be possible.

Fortunately, the setback is minor and financial, and as annoying as it is, it doesn’t impact the rest of the production schedule or anything else I’ve mentioned over the past few months. It’s not going to cause more than minor annoyance for me or anyone around me, and it’s not upset me more than provoking a good healthy stream of profanity at the fact that I’m at the point as an author where a minor setback means I have to cut out a trip I was looking forward to in order to balance the books.

It’s annoying to be in that position–but it’s a far better position than I’ve been in in years past. So, on the plus side, life goes on, and it gets better, and next year I should be able to redeem the Balticon rain check.


  1. I would recommend a kick starter campaign so you can do the road trip. WAIT! do a kick starter campaign to come to Toronto, I want you to be some where i can easily get to.

    Jon C
  2. I briefly considered it, but I’ve got one kickstarter campaign coming up this year already–and then, maybe, a big one late next year–so I thought I’d save the begging for when it was REALLY huge.

    That said, if anyone reading would like some stunningly-produced paperbacks featuring fascinating, funny, and disturbing stories… 😉

  3. HoopyFreud–

    Check the latest blog post for paperback info 🙂

    Brad —
    Thanks much! Hope you enjoy Free Will. And yes, the problem is not persistent, so it’s already more-or-less cleared up, it was just a bit of a jolt.

    Thanks to both of you for stopping by!


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