For those of you who prefer dead tree to ebook format, I’ve got some excellent news:

Down From Ten, Sculpting God, and Predestination are now in available as handsomely-packaged paperbacks.

They’ll be joined in March by A Ghostly Christmas Present, Smoke Rings, and Silent Victor, and in April by Free Will and the soon-to-be-released Throwing Lead

They are available for order at bookstores across the world, or you can get them now by clicking on the covers:

For those of you outside the US looking for a retailer who will ship to you at reasonable prices, all of the books are available through The Book Depository. Don’t be alarmed by the lack of cover art–my listings just went live there and it takes a while for them to update their images. I promise that the books you buy there will have the same excellent packaging that those here in the US get.

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