Those of you following the Free Will Studio Diaries a couple weeks back will have noticed the sudden halt in what was supposed to be a seven part series. Doubtless you’ll have noticed that there aren’t any posts of week two in the studio as well.

This is because, due to a fresh and very annoying series of personal emergencies, I’ve not been able to carve out the time to proof and post them. I am also unable to take advantage of the loan of the studio space this week as I had planned to. The upshot is that there will be no new recording this week, and it is very likely that there will be no recording till after the first of the year. Time will tell.

Here’s hoping that I can pop in soon with a good news surprise. Until then, thank you all very much for your patience and your support through what’s proved to be a year of logistical difficulties.

I’ll be back in circulation as soon as humanly possible. Be good to yourselves.

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