Note: Due to extenuating circumstances, I will not be able to make Balticon after all this year. The offer is withdrawn, all of you who were kind enough to order a session have received refunds. Hopefully next year!

I’ve now missed two straight Balticons, much to the chagrin of many of you who start asking me about it this time of year. This year, I’m on the cusp. I’ve been invited on programming, and am very excited about going, but…

…well, it ain’t cheap. And by not cheap I mean “bloody expensive for someone who’s just finished moving house.”

So, I’m going to try to earn my way. If you are going to be at Balticon (or in its environs) on Memorial Day Weekend, you can pre-hire me to do a photo session with you. We can shoot anywhere around the hotel you like (during the con) or the day before and/or day after at any local landmark you’d like. Being from San Francisco area, my definition of “local” is FAR larger than most east coasters.


What I Can Do
I can shoot:

    Personal/couples portraits
    Professional headshots
    Pregnancy portraits
    Fantasy Art, Theatrical, Science Fiction/horror scenes (these requires significant planning, expect an extended phone/email preproduction consultation)
    Glamor/Boudoir/Fetish/Avant-Garde/Fine Art/ etc.


If what you want is not on this list, and not on the “won’t” list below, ask. We can probably swing it.


What I Can’t Do
Though I would love to drive, I suspect I’ll have to fly instead. Thus, the gear I can bring is pretty limited. I can’t, for example, bring much in the way of lighting equipment (though I’ll have my light painting brushes, my flash unit, and some gels). This means we’ll have to shoot with available light, or with lights that you bring. Fortunately, there’s a lot of good light around the hotel at Balticon, and (if memory serves) the lights in the rooms are pretty easy to reconfigure. I have some fast lenses for shooting in low-light conditions, which I’ll be bringing.

Similarly, I can’t bring much in the way of props, costuming, or my FX makeup kit. If your shoot requires these things, consult with me in advance, and I can help you put together the kit we’ll need.


What I Won’t Do
Although I’m a pretty open-minded guy, I have a few limits. Here they are:

  • I won’t do a shoot with any subject who does not consent (so if your husband really doesn’t want to be photographed and you buy him a session, that’s your problem. Grudging consent is okay).
  • I won’t shoot anything that might get me arrested. Security-restricted government installations and underage nudes are high on this list. Crime scenes that the cops haven’t arrived at are another one. Fortunately, because of the first amendment, this isn’t a long list.
  • Unless we already have an established personal or professional (i.e. as model and photographer) relationship that involves a high degree of trust, I will insist that you bring an escort/chaperone to any shoot involving nudity


I’ve done professional photography and cinematography for over 12 years. In that time, I’ve done stage plays, behind-the-scenes photography on movies, a lot of concert photography, headshots, portraits (family and individual), weddings, fine art nudes, book covers, movie posters, botannicals, wildlife, astronomicals, and pretty much pointed my camera at anything I can pull focus on fast enough to capture.

My work has appeared in Jeff Vandermeer’s The Steampunk Bible and Gearhearts Steampunk Glamor Review, and it headlines Gail Carriger’s Retro Rack site. Nobilis Reed’s professional headshot is one that I shot last time I was at Balticon.

Basically, I’ve been around. If you still doubt my awesome powers, you can take a gander at this work-safe gallery and this not-so-work-safe gallery.


The Deal
So, I need to raise a grand total of between $900 and $1200 to pull this off, and to this end, I’m offering two packages.
The first is a straightforward Headshots package, which I’m offering at $100. If you’re an actor or an author or just someone who wants some smart-looking portraits, this is the one for you. Headshot sessions run 15-20 minutes, and there are six or seven locations around the Balticon hotel that make excellent backdrops for them.

The second is the “anything goes” package, at $300/ea. For this you get me for 1-2hrs, for a group, a couple, a family, or a single, at any location in/around the hotel or easily accessible by car in the time slot.

In either case, we will confer in advance on the nature of the shoot, your desired setting, etc., take care of the photo releases, and schedule a time slot.

At the con, at the scheduled time, we’ll do the shoot.

A week after my return home, I’ll provide you a private online proof sheet, and from that you can choose up to six shots to have retouched/otherwise enhanced. I will then deliver to you all the shots, and, once they’re finished (anywhere from a day to a week later), I will deliver to you the package of retouched photos.


Two Final Notes

  • 1) If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and want either of these packages, I am perfectly happy to shoot locally and throw in all my other equipment, props, etc.
  • 2) If not enough of these sell to fund the trip, I will refund your money in full (including transaction fees) before Balticon, so that you have it available to spend in ways that will make the occasion similarly memorable.


Join Me
Order your photo session here:

Let’s make some art together!


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