Hey everyone–

Quick update for you regarding the podcasts and where the hell I’ve been.

Short version:

Crudrat ate my life. Some projects, by dint of luck, show you all the cracks in the structure of your operation, and Crudrat has done that to AWP. Almost everything that could go wrong with a production in terms of the world hurling random obstacles at you DID go wrong, and the some of the calls I made in dealing with the setbacks set us back further. Many of you have been there with your own careers and businesses. Suffice it to say, it has been the most difficult production of my life so far–and, because of running triage and dealing with setbacks, we were left with no time for mixing and posting new podcast episodes.

However, Crudrat wraps up in the next couple days. The light is there, and it’s not a train, but glorious sunshine. And it has definitely been worth it. The final product shines, and you are going to love it. Everyone involved stepped up and did a fantastic job in the face of sometimes-impossible obstacles. And it shows in the product. To a person, the voice cast, the crew, and the support staff have done some of the best work I’ve ever seen.

And now, it’s just about over.

Expect the podcast to resume in mid-April, with a vengeance and with regularity. After all, we have to find out exactly what is going to happen when someone trips over the body of that poor girl on the Lunar surface…

Thanks for your patience!


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