Contrary to rumors that have been floating around, I did not, in fact, get swallowed by a giant monster crab under the streets of Baltimore at Balticon. I did, however, have a brilliant time, and the summer has flown by so fast and so packed that I haven’t even posted my post-mortem. This’ll be brief, cause there’s news on all the other fronts, too:

So much fun this year. Got to meet Pamela Gay and Mark Jeffry in person, had a blast talking business with new writers and podcasters, catching up with Sigler and Morris and Ballantine, and falling on my face attempting to live-narrate a new Antithesis short story called Colombian Dark. Thanks everyone for the fabulous time–and a special thanks to Dave Robison and Doc Coleman, who bought headshots and helped finance the trip!

Suave Rob
A little over two years ago, I released a short novel called Suave Rob’s Double-X Derring Do, about a far-future transsexual Evel Kenevel who longs to surf a supernova. It’s done fairly well in print and ebook, but I got to thinking that the audience that would REALLY love it are the kinds of people who listen to Escape Pod, where I sold Chicken Noodle Gravity a few years back. So, a little over a year ago, I sent it off. This past February I heard back from Norm Sherman, saying they’d love to buy it, and since then we’ve been trading paperwork during our copious free time (note the sarcasm–the world seems intent on eating every spare second). Well, he finally has his contract, and I finally have my check, so I can now happily announce:
Suave Rob will be on Escape Pod as a special extra-long episode (or series) sometime…in the future. I’ll let you know when I get the air date. I don’t know who’ll be reading it yet, though I’ve made a recommendation I hope they take, cause it’d be a perfect match. Either way, I’ll keep you posted!

The Gail Carriger Kickstarter project is still going. One of the ways the world eats time is by making hard drives crash. A lot. We’ve lost three hard drives on this project–in each case, we managed to not lose any data, but the recovery time and headache in replacing the hardware, restoring from backups, etc. has been a killer.
We’re now finally doing post production on the last two short stories. One is with Schadey at his place in Peru, where he’s working his magic with the music. The other is waiting in the queue right behind it. In the meantime, we’re powering ahead here with the video features and blooper reels, because this project really needs to wrap soon.

Free Will
Which brings me to Free Will (and The Next 10k Hours). The podcast wound up in the back seat with all this crowdfunding stuff, because (simply put) the crowdfunded project is a debt, and the podcast is a gift, and I’ve got a thing about paying debts off. So, Free Will will return late this year after everything is wrapped on the Crudrat project. I’ve wrestled with this for a long time, but I just can’t think of a way to put time into Free Will without shortchanging both it and the Crudrat stories–and I’d rather arrive late than arrive with sub-par quality. It’s a personality quirk.

Last Update
We’re finally getting our distribution in order at AWP, which means that by year’s end you’ll be able to find Predestination, Down From Ten, Crudrat, The Gail Carriger Short Story Bundle, and maybe also some of my short stories in audio format at Audible,, and several other fashionable marketplaces.

Building an empire is a slow process, but we’re getting there. Thanks for bearing with us!


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