Ladies and gentlemen, the state of our onion is strong. Like any good onion, when you cut it it makes you cry, but when you cook with it, it makes you happy. And our onion is a happy onion.

I’m taking it as read that you, whoever you are, are either a fan, someone with an unhealthy interest in me, or a future archaeologist who is doing a doctoral thesis on the blogosphere, so basically we’re all among friends here–except that one of you who’s got the unhealthy interest thing, but that’s the Internet, right–so I’ve got some quickie updates for you.

By the way, if you ARE a far future archaeologist, the first thing you need to know is that, even by the standards of my po-dunk time, I am misspelling the word “archaeologist.” Sometime in the last century, my language dropped the second “a” from the word, but since I spend most of my words writing about what might happen in YOUR time period, I humbly submit I’m allowed a few anachronisms in the other direction.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…
I’ve got new books coming out, finally. They will be accompanied by blog posts with samples, and probably audio samples too. We’ve got new offices at AWP, and a new structure that lets me write and record a LOT more, and it’s paying off. So, you’ll hear more about that pretty soon here. You might even hear about more podcasts–which means more Free Will, and also more of The Next 10k Hours–but I’m not quite prepared to commit to a re-launch date yet.

Crudrat’s just about wrapped up. Thank you all who backed us–your last story is on its way pretty damn quick here.

Some new website work is coming soon–things have gotten a little difficult to navigate around here, so we’re going to streamline it yet again.

Penultimately, stay tuned for a couple surprise announcements around Christmastime.

And, finally, books. Anyone wanting to buy books for friends (or for yourselves) for Christmas, use the coupon code christmastimeishere when checking out, and you’ll get 20% off any order from the store here on the website. Caveat: If you want signed books, they’ll be late. I’ve just moved house and haven’t got new inventory stocked locally yet. But direct-shipped books will arrive easily in time for Christmas.

See you around again soon!