I posted the other day about writing through a nasty injury to my hand, and how every word hurt to type, but not as much as it hurt to not write.

Well, that state of affairs didn’t last long. After a day of solid work, the bruised, abused, and atrophied muscles supporting my beleagured thumb got back up to full strength,. The words didn’t hurt anymore, they just felt glorious, and I startedflying.

Three thousand, four thousand, five thousand word days–not just because I had the words pent up, but because I was a man on a mission: I had to finish Suave Rob 3.


Well, first, I wanted to see how it ended. Like any of the Suave Rob stories, it’s loads of fun to write. More than that, I was over the 2/3rds hump, which is where a book really starts to come alive for me, and where I get seriously impatient to see how it ends.

Second, this book turned out to be one of those special ones, where I fell in love with the characters and the story all over again several times through. Some books do that. I still can’t tell if it has any effect on the book from the reader’s end, but it brings extra joy to the writing, and when you’ve got the joy in the mix, it’s very hard to say no.

Third, Suave Rob 3 marks the end of the Suave Rob’s Awesome Adventures! Series. There may be more of Rob’s adventures in the future, but those will be a new series, with new arcs, new stakes, new elements, a whole new shebang. And, over twenty books into my career, this is the first time I’ve ever finished a series.

Well, I did it last night, and it feels damn good.

Because I not only finished out a series, but I got the last bit of obstruction out of the way for the big, scary project:

Finishing the Antithesis series.
This year.

That’s right. Tonight or tomorrow night, I start working every day on the new adventures of Joss and Ali and Cassy and Jade and Doug and Jackie and all the other wonderful people in those books. I’ve been itching about this, and terrified about it, for years, and now the time has come.

And I’ll be blogging my progress here, as promised in a blog post a few months back.

It’s gonna be so much fun!


  1. Yea! Good news on all fronts. Healing, lack of pain, renewed enthusiasm, completion, and Antithesis. Does this mean we can look forward to the Antithesis podcast arising, Lazarus-like from the crypt?


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