Today as all about the writing. I did 8,000 words on the nonfiction book, brought it to a close. It’ll be releasing as a reward to those of you who support NaNoWriMo Every Month in the next few days, and then to the general market a few days after that.

That actually ate up two of my three shifts–just got in a hell of a groove, and it’s hard to argue with that kind of momentum.

I had a short shift in the booth, but I’m gonna make it up tomorrow. Got another batch of client work and Free Will narration to record.

For the final shift, as is now traditional, I fired up Book 3 and started typing. After the 8,000 words of nonfic, it was a real squeeze making any kind of respectable word count, but I squeezed and got a littel over 1800 done. I queued up a bunch of spy videos to help set the mood, help me shift gears from one big project to another.

Today, the spy vids come in the form of the Mel Profit arc of the most excellent Stephen J. Cannell series called Wiseguy. Drugs, sex, gun-running, black ops, betrayal–just the right thing to set the mood. I left it playing in the background while I worked.

I’ve watched it about a dozen times before, so it was comfortable mood-setting background noise for me to write Joss and Ali into in a hell of a bind. The further I write the worse it seems to get for them.

Well, that’s how it usually is when you’re in the middle installment of a series, isn’t it?

So, here’s the Antithesis word count tallies for the day:
Starting word count for writing: 13,922
Final word count for the day: 15,344

17148 / 120000 words

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