Sometimes, self discipline is a bitch. Life has weeks where it throws one thing after another at you, and it’s too easy to just piss and moan about it, which is why I disappeared for the last few days. Last Wednesday I got thrown off my beam by a knee injury. That got followed by a flu. That got followed by a SNAFU with the Free Will podcast drop that delayed things by a week. And that got followed up, right quick, with a whole bunch of minor-but-completely-distracting personal crap.

Frustrating, that’s what it was. And I let it get into my head and seriously screw with me. Which, in the end, is my responsibility and nobody else’s.

It’s not that I didn’t manage to work–I did. Got a new block of the Nanocast moving. Got some paperwork out of the way. Read a couple good books (I’ll review them here later on, when I’ve got more sleep in me). And, in general, I made progress on the things that keep the world moving round, but I tell you…

When I’m not working on this book, things just seem…gray.

Well, I finally got back to it tonight. Felt like bashing my head through a brick wall. I’d been away from the manuscript so long I didn’t want to think about it. Everything in the world was more interesting to me than writing–that’s not an exaggeration. Clipping my toenails was, literally, more interesting than writing.

Thankfully I only have ten toes, so I wound up with nicely groomed toenails and one less excuse to not-write.

Eventually, I relented. I found a secret sauce that slipped me into something of a groove (the soundtrack from David Lynch’s Dune does it for me every time) and I sank in, only to find that Brittany’s storyline is taking a very dark and interesting turn. She might turn out to be a bigger player, with a very different role, than I had expected. Time will tell.

So, not a great word count today, but I did finally get going again.

Here’s the damage:
Starting word count: 43,373
Ending word count: 44,523

44,523 / 120000 words