Well, whatever I’ve been fighting the last week has cleared up. Be it virus or allergy or circadian dysregulation (which is fancy I-spent-too-much-time-in-a-psych-program talk for “jet lag”), I kicked it.

Which meant I actually got out for my walks today–both of them–which left me wobbly after being off the beam for half a week. Felt spectacular though.

As for work today, I did several hours of research–I’m listening through an audiobook called The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene, which is excellent Antithesis fuel, and also quite distracting.

It’s a deliciously Machiavellian synthesis of the principles of The Art of War married to a wide-ranging selection of readings from various practitioners of realpolitik from manuals of psychological treatment to the policy to the strategic writings of people like Ghandi and Kissinger. More interesting to me is its extensive use of political and military history, particularly the history of revolutionary movements and insurrectionist warfare, since, at its heart, this is what the series is about, being in deep mental contact with the history of this sort of thing gives me many very dark and chewy ideas about what might happen as tis story unfolds MUAHAHAHAHAHA…ah hem.

Anyway, it’s a good book if you’re interested in this kind of thing and it won’t depress you to read a book predicated on an utter lack of a moral compass.

Other than that, I got a few more Nanocast episodes recorded today. Probably won’t finish the block till the end of the week, as there’s another Free Will episode due on Thursday, which I’m determined not to miss.

I’m actually still neck deep in a really fabulous chapter in my writing, but I’ve hit the fatigue wall and am not putting my sentences together well without reading over them several times (for example, I just typed the word “felt” as “flet” and didn’t notice it until I saw the red squiggly line, and then all the other red squiggly lines, and realized I’d dyslexified every word in the sentence), so I’m calling it a night. I made a little under half my word count goal today, which isn’t great, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the last few days, so I’ll take it.

Starting word count: 41,919
Ending word count: 43,373

43,373 / 120000 words

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