The sun rises on renewed vitality (or, you know, just looks cool).
The sun rises on renewed vitality (or, you know, just looks cool).

Well, I’ve been off the writing wagon for almost three weeks–the first with a cold that just won’t quit, the second  due to a really bitchin’ conference in between where I spoke on audio production and podcasting, and then a third week where I either relapsed or picked up some kind of con crud.

If I’ve learned anything from this experience, it is this: The human brain was never meant to be pickled in snot. It’s just not a good conductor of thoughts. And that’s to say nothing of what it’s done to my voice (there’s a reason the podcasts are both late).

During the down time, thanks to Dave Robison, I found what I think is the finest science fiction series I’ve seen in decades. It’s called Black Mirror, and it does what good science fiction should: extrapolates possible worlds very closely based on our own, and the ethical and social quandaries in fascinating, thoughtful, terrifying ways that leave no easy answers and lots of room for contemplation and discussion. The series is the brain child of British comic newsman Charlie Brooker, and, to my mind, this series proves he’s one of the very best short-form science fiction writers working today. Absolutely essential viewing. It’s available on DVD through the link above, and is also streaming on Netflix–don’t miss it.

But, all good things (like the conference and Black Mirror) and bad things (like the cold) must come to an end, and, thankfully, this one is just about ending. This evening, I’m writing the first new chapter in twenty days, and oh man, does it feel good.

Tonight, I caught up with Jim, who, when last we left him, was being tortured to death and revived again and again. It’s the last storyline I’ve got to bring in in this part of the novel, and now they’re all online and already starting to move in some fairly harrowing directions.

In between, I got the free short story for next month proofread and queued up. I’m going to drop it a day early, on Halloween, since it’s got some great ghostly aspects to it. I think you’re going to enjoy this one–come back here Halloween to read it for free!

That takes care of today. Tomorrow? Well, if I keep on the mend I’ll be back in the both, and back up to my full walking regimen (my legs are really missing the five mile days), and back up to my full writing regimen as well. I can’t wait.

Here’s today’s damage.
Starting: 64,627
Ending: 65,137
New words: 510

65,137 / 175000 words