Don’t believe your eyewitness…

Book 4 of The Clarke Lantham Mysteries

When a strike team masquerading as gray aliens kidnaps a guard and steals a priceless Chinese artifact from the California Academy of Sciences, Clarke Lantham finds himself enlisted to locate the missing man—but this time, he’s not alone. The FBI, Lloyd’s of London, the Chinese Ministry of State Security, and a world-famous alien hunter all dog his tracks.

From the dark underbelly of the Tongs slave trade to the shark-infested waters of Bolinas Bay to the skies far above the concerns of mere mortals, Lantham races against spies, assassins, and conspiracy theorists to find the missing man—and the treasure that went with him—before the theft becomes a diplomatic incident between the world’s most fearsome superpowers and the nuclear arsenals they command.

“Each Lantham is better than the last…Sawyer hits you with the force of a .45 between the eyes.” —View From Valhalla

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