How Far Would You Go For a Friend?

Book 5 of The Clarke Lantham Mysteries

According to the official story, Martin Galloway shot himself in front of two cops. His fiancee smells a rat, and turns to Clarke Lantham Investigations to prove the impossible:

Martin was murdered.

Prove the case, and Lantham will save the reputation of one of the world’s greatest humanitarians…and determine the fate of his twenty billion dollar estate.

Descending into a web of venture capitalists, patent trolls, security contractors, and evangelists, Lantham and his team must find a way through a world of loyalty and deceit more insidious, and closer to home, than any case so far…

…assuming he can survive the coma, and the arms dealer, and the drug kingpin who holds Lantham’s life in the balance.

“Sawyer continues to impresss…Clarke Lantham earns his place among the Mike Hammers, Sam Spades, and Dirk Gently’s of the world.” —View from Valhalla

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