First Ever Unboxing

I must admit, I never quite understood the appeal of unboxing photos until…well, today. One of my voice actors, Michael Lemonjello (who plays Xylar as well as a number of bit roles in The Antithesis Progression sent in this photo of his paperback of Down From Ten, which arrived in… Continue reading

Paperback Releases!

For those of you who prefer dead tree to ebook format, I’ve got some excellent news: Down From Ten, Sculpting God, and Predestination are now in available as handsomely-packaged paperbacks. They’ll be joined in March by A Ghostly Christmas Present, Smoke Rings, and Silent Victor, and in April by Free… Continue reading

Released: Down From Ten

I’ve been waiting for this day a long time. When I first wrote Down From Ten as a screenplay, a production company in Canada was going to be handling rights clearances for the Alan Jay Lerner music incorporated into one of the scenes. When I did the podcast, ASCAP was… Continue reading

Playing Jazz With Words

You hear a lot of talk of “discovery writers” and “outliners” in the writing world. The “pantsers” and the “plotters,” respectively. It’s true that there are a lot of people that fall into both categories–including many of my friends–and human nature loves dichotomies, but I’ve never fit comfortably either, and… Continue reading

Blogging Free Will–Ebook Giveaway

So, Free Will is in prep for release right now, with the typos and other nit-picky details being worked over, layout being done, etc. It’s a big step forward in the Antithesis Progression, and there are a lot of you out there who have been waiting patiently for the series… Continue reading

Down From Ten–next week

Today is the day I was hoping to post the announcement for the ebook of Down From Ten. Unfortunately, I got right to the edge and realized I still had some rights clearances to do for song lyrics that are quoted in the book, so it’ll be another few days.… Continue reading

Down From Ten cover art

So, I’ve never been quite happy with the cover art for DF10. What I saw in my head never quite came through on the screen, and I wound up with a collection of images that, while possibly intriguing, felt…confusing. It was too dark in the wrong places, you couldn’t tell… Continue reading

Publishing Priorities: You Decide

The good folks at AWP Books and I have a decision to make: What order do we publish things in? In the process of discussions, it occurred to us that you all might have an opinion, so here’s your chance to vote: You may vote for two of the three… Continue reading