Your Photos Will Send Me To Balticon

Note: Due to extenuating circumstances, I will not be able to make Balticon after all this year. The offer is withdrawn, all of you who were kind enough to order a session have received refunds. Hopefully next year! I’ve now missed two straight Balticons, much to the chagrin of many… Continue reading

UPS Loves Me

This one’s artwork heavy, so I’m putting the “get more” link right at the top so it doesn’t take over the main blog page. Click on it, check out the coolness 🙂 Continue reading

The illness has been beaten!

Well, I’m back. Voice functioning, body seems to be healthy again finally. Here’s what this means for you all, my loyal readers: I’m going to fix and drop Episode 13 of Antithesis tomorrow, probably late, assuming the congestion clears. I’ll start blogging again, with reports from SteamCon and some other… Continue reading

Deep Images

The July 2007 issue of LinuxJournal hits the stands today, and tucked within the shiny pages of this seditious rag is a small article on the use of open source software to rewrite the rules of photography. Well, kinda. Actually, High Dynamic Range Imaging has been around for a while,… Continue reading