Many of you have been asking how to get autographed paperbacks now that I’m not going to Balticon (or, let’s face it, any cons) this year. Well, I’ve crunched the numbers and discovered that I can get you autographed books for the same price you’d get them on Amazon (with about the same shipping rates, assuming you’re not a Prime subscriber).

So, here they are. Add each to the cart as you need to, then click “continue shopping.” You will also need to add your appropriate shipping option to the cart as well. Once you’ve got everything you need, click “check out” instead of “continue shopping.” The shipping options will cover your order of books. Please do not forget to add your shipping option to your order, or I will not be able to ship the book(s). If you are a dealer or want to order more than 10 units, email me privately for a discount schedule using the contact form.

Note: I CAN deliver to Balticon, as I have someone who has agreed to distribute the books there. I am not sending along general stock, only signed preorders. If you want Balticon delivery, please be sure to select “Balticon Pickup” from the shipping options.


Signed and Personalized Paperback
Signed and Personalized Paperback
Signed and Personalized Paperback
Signed and Personalized Paperback

Shipping for Books
(Choose one only)

Balticon Pickup (must order before May 14) $2.99
Continental U.S. $3.99
International shipping (includes insurance) $7.99


Note: Posters require special packing and thus their shipping is hard-wired into their buy button.
Predestination Cover Art
Signed and Numbered Collector's Edition Poster

If you’re going, please do enjoy Balticon and raise a little hell for me. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm!


  1. Yes, indeed. The contest winners will also get theirs. It’s one of the bits of unfinished business that will kick off the resumption of the podcast 🙂



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