After a consult with some other authors this weekend, I’ve been able to wrap up a multi-year project here, designing a spreadsheet-based system for sales tracking for indie authors and other IP professionals. It has a high-level data granularity level, so you can see where each title is selling, per month, and how much revenue it’s generating.

It occurs to me that this might be useful to other authors, perhaps as a companion piece for a short book explaining granularity and metrics.



  1. Definitely sounds interesting and that it is based on a simple spreadsheet sounds attractive to me as well, but this brief announcement leaves some questions.

    First, how does this compare to the Windows-based Trackerbox? Is there any problem using this on the popular Mac platform that many writers prefer (which Trackerbox doesn’t support). Google Chrome platform?

    Second, how does it handle importing information from the various vendors? What frequency, level of detail and convenience?

    Those are just a couple questions off the top of my head. I’m certain that others will be asking other questions as well.

    JR Holmes

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