Gorgeous Beach House day today. I mean, just look at that sunset!

Still fighting the fatigue today. Woke up with inflamed eyes, so something is definitely up that goes beyond poor sunlight regulation (on the upside, the dark room last night meant I slept a lot better–go me!).

On the upside, I got some killer Nanocast episodes recorded and did a lot of cleaning. There’s something basic and satisfying about spring cleaning, especially spring cleaning I also took some time to make a big pot of my slow-roast marinara sauce, a seven hour process that makes the house smell like an Italian restaurant.

Writing was again a struggle. The fatigue makes the brain cloudy.

While I was working on the house I was also knocking a lot of research out of the way. Part of the whole Antithesis gestalt involves a deep immersion in political and military and espionage history, so when I’m not actually writing I’m swimming deep in the streams of culture I find most refreshing (and distracting). Today I was listening to some lectures on the history of revolutionary movements–which is a colorful history, to say the least. It made a few other pieces fall into place, and lead to me laying in yet another thread from the previous book that I thought wasn’t going to come into play until later.

Oooh, boy, is this book getting complicatied. But I shall persevere.

As far as progress today, there wasn’t any on the word count. Wrote a little, cut a little, wrote a lot of notes. But no real advance worth reporting. Oi.