Stormy beach dayQuick update today, as it’s late and I’m utterly knackered.

I recovered (finally!) from the Illness of Doom this afternoon and got myself unleashed on the podosphere again (got a whole new set of Every Day Novelist episodes up). Got this month’s Free Fiction up–please do go enjoy, it’s one of my nuttier stories and ’tis the season for extreme nuttiness, after all (those of you supporting me on Patreon at the correct level will have an epub in your Patreon feed already).

I also got my sorry carcass out onto the beach for a couple miles walk. It was a gorgeous gloomy day filled with angry clouds that never quite burst, and there were agates on the beach. Storm season is the start of agate-hunting season around here, and I’m quite excited about a new season of filling my new boxes and jars with gorgeous gumdrop-gemstones. It’s one of those ongoing small projects that adds a bit of fun to the edges of the day–it’s easy to get lost in the endless Easter Egg hunt out on the sand 🙂

Took some time out from the schedule for dinner (a new kebab recipie–do you guys want me to start posting recipes? Let me know, I’m down) and to watch Lifeboat, a fantastic Hitchcock film that’s essential viewing for students of suspense and great characterization (it’s also seriously riveting fun).

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, I’m pleased to announce that I’m in Storybundle’s NaNoWriMo Writing Tools bundle with some spectacular writers who’ve written some excellent books on craft, business, and writing fast. Check out Resnick’s book on writing Science Fiction, and Bob Mayer’s book on building stories–they will help you leapfrog your craft even as other books in there (like mine) help you re-train yourself from thinking like an employee to thinking like a business person (which, if you’re an author, you are).

Tomorrow should hold some Free Will production for release later this week, gobs of client work, and more glorious writing.

Also got some writing done–not as much as the word count below makes it look like (it’s a 3500 word plus count) because half of those words were done in fits and starts over the last couple days. The new book is really finding its groove in my head, and I’m looking forward to trying to ride the groove out and finish the book this month. This’ll be the first time I’ve attempted a novel-in-a-month in November since my first ever attempt at NaNoWriMo back in 2006. Should be fun!

The Briggs Defection — 8.12%

7,310 / 90000 words


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