Spring is here! Spring is here! Tom Lehrer’s singing of skittles and beer!

Okay, so it’s not springtime yet, but the last few days have seen some remarkably spring-y weather, which is a fantastic mood-lifter here in the Pacific Northwest. I’m now deep into recording the audiobook for the soon-to-be-released Tales of a Lombard Alchemist and, after that, I’ll be doing The Briggs Defection, so that the audiobooks will be available somewhere close to the same date that the paper and ebooks are.

Even better, progress on the book is really picking up. The glider is in the air, and I’m flying (with only a little bit of a wobble beneath the wings). I’ve started putting 4k+ to bed every day, and each day is trending upwards. At this rate, I oughta finish this book in a week or two, and then it’s off to the proofreaders.

Here’s the current state of play:

78,421 / 120,000 words