Updates, general and specific

I’m stopping in to give you all a quick digest on my recent activities, which have been many, prolific, and at hopefully somewhat scandalous. First, the appearances. You can find me on recent episodes of Podioracket, The Dead Robots Society, and doing voice work as the German Army in Philippa… Continue reading

The Year that Almost Wouldn’t Die

Some highlights and lowlights of 2008 This year, particularly the second half, has seen a lot of people turn very pessimistic about, well, everything. Yeah, the economy’s slowing down. Yeah, people like me are scrambling just to make ends meet – when money goes slow everywhere, it hits the arts… Continue reading

The illness has been beaten!

Well, I’m back. Voice functioning, body seems to be healthy again finally. Here’s what this means for you all, my loyal readers: I’m going to fix and drop Episode 13 of Antithesis tomorrow, probably late, assuming the congestion clears. I’ll start blogging again, with reports from SteamCon and some other… Continue reading

Articles In The Wild!

I’ve been a bit delinquent about updating the publications page, but I’ve just caught it up. New articles from yours truly recently released into the wild include a review of the HP MediaVault Pro in the current issue of LinuxJournal, and a review of Xara Xtreme in last month’s issue. Continue reading

Double your dosage – Double the insanity!

That’s right, my little droogies, the time has come once again to partake of the LinuxJournal kool-aid! This month, your humble narrator has two articles on offer – one talking about the deepest needs of desktop users, and the other reviewing, in depth, the current crop of multitrack video editors… Continue reading

So you want to be a sound engineer?

Or a podcaster? Or just a bloke with a really sexy sound box? Well, look no further, my friends! Your humble narrator has told all in his new article. This month’s LinuxJournal contains all you need to know about creating a field recorder for podcasting, multitrack event recording, and generally… Continue reading

Distort the perceptions of others!!!

Welcome, my erstwhile disciples, and gather around for the newest exercise in computing obscenity. You see, LinuxJournal has just released another article of mine, and this time I actually lie. Yes, lie through the whole thing. It’s not so much that the information is not accurate – it is. Exceedingly… Continue reading

Pollute your mind with LinuxJournal

The October 2007 issue of LinuxJournal hits the stands today, and the apparent obscenity seems again without end. This time, they’ve brought me on to propagate the new media gospel of guerrilla video editing with open source software. It’s a disgraceful, disreputable thing to do. It undermines good old American… Continue reading